Global Configuration

ccapi introduces a global configuration object. You can configure all settings which will be respected while you use ccapi.

You can get a configuration object in the following way:

import ccapi
config = ccapi.Configuration()

The configuration object is a singleton. That means only one instance can exist and it is respected everywhere in ccapi.


By default, the base URL points to Cell Collective. You can however, change the same as follows:

config.url = ""

Now, when you attempt to create a client instance, it would attempt to use the value assigned to config.url.

client = ccapi.Client()
<Client url=''>

Jupyter Notebook renders the Configuration object as follows:

display_max_cols 20
display_max_rows 15
ginsim_version 2.4
max_api_resource_fetch 5
max_chunk_download_bytes 1024
model_domain_type {'value': 'research'}
model_name Unnamed Model
model_type {'value': 'boolean'}
user_agent Python CCAPI / 0.1.0